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DisasterAWARE Tropical Cyclone Snapshot: 06/23/2024

Tropical Cyclone Daily Report

Global Activity

Sunday, June 23, 2024

By PDC’s Senior Weather Specialist Glenn James


Atlantic Ocean / Caribbean Sea / Gulf of Mexico


Pacific Ocean / Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea

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About Glenn James, PDC Senior Weather Specialist

Glenn James has been working with PDC for two decades as lead meteorologist, bringing together the most accurate, up-to-date tropical cyclone developments from around the world into a single, one-stop weather page. Glenn is a meteorologist working in the area of tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans and has degrees in Physical Geography/Meteorology from Sonoma State University in northern California. He taught at the University of Hawaii, Maui campus for ten years, before joining the Pacific Disaster Center as the Senior Weather Specialist in 1996. He was awarded the Dr. Arthur N.L. Chiu Award (for Hurricane Preparedness) by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency in 2015.