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PDC conducts research and analysis on a variety of subjects related to disaster risk and preparedness. Download our reports or learn more about our research below.

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Our key research and advanced analytical work

Global Risk and Vulnerability 

Every year PDC conducts a Global Risk and Vulnerability Assessment to provide a comparison of risk between nations and to understand what is contributing to the increase or decrease in risk over time. 

National Baseline Assessment

PDC’s National Baseline Assessment  investigates national disaster management capacity and risk at the national and subnational level.

The assessment provides an in-depth understanding of what is driving risk and offers meaningful actions to increase resilience. Results provide with nations a sustainable, ongoing mechanism for updating and applying critical risk information into the future.

Women, Peace and Security 

Pacific Disaster Center is supporting development of a new analysis for Women, Peace and Security programs. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, the jointly developed composite index helps decision makers understand the drivers of gender inequality. It also underscores the key role of the military in shaping cultural change by enabling an environment of diversity in leadership.

PDC Fragility Profile

PDC has expanded our approach to risk and vulnerability analysis to include a more diverse conceptualization of destabilizing events that place communities at risk. An initial application of the analysis was piloted in 2020, focused on Asia Pacific. An expanded annual fragility profile will be available beginning 2022.

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