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Your source for landslide hazard information

Our DisasterAWARE Pro platform, as well as our Disaster Alert™ public app, provides information about landslides happening around the world. Information is derived from a variety of scientific monitoring agencies.

Reporting Threshold

DisasterAWARE provides information about landslides which have occurred within a 24-hour period and pose severe impact to populations or infrastructure.


√ Global (Manually Processed)

Disaster Alert Mobile App

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SmartAlert™ Advanced Early Warning for Landslides

DisasterAWARE Pro now includes PDC’s proprietary SmartAlert technology. You select the areas and hazards to monitor and we’ll alert you to threats within or approaching those areas automatically.

Alerting Severities:

Severity levels are designated by the authoritative reporting agency.

A landslide has recently occurred (within the past 24 hours) with severe impact to the population or infrastructure.
An authoritative reporting agency has issued a warning that a landslide is in progress, imminent, or highly likely, with adverse impacts to the population or infrastructure.

Available Formats

Professional versions: SMS Text | Email | App Alerts
Public version: App Alerts Only

Be Aware and Prepare

Always heed instructions from local authorities and receive alerts about major hazards from PDC’s DisasterAlert app or on the DisasterAlert website.


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Act now

  • Heed all warnings and evacuation notices.
  • During a storm that could cause a landslide, stay alert and awake.
  • If you do get stuck in the path of a landslide move uphill as quickly as possible.
  • Avoid river valleys and low-lying areas during times of danger.
  • If you are near a stream or channel, be alert for any sudden increase or decrease in water flow or water that changes from clear to muddy. These can be signs that a landslide is coming.

Plan ahead

Live in or plan to visit a landslide-susceptible area?

  • Build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
  • Connect with your local emergency services.
  • Leave if you have been told to evacuate or you feel it is unsafe to remain in your home.
  • Follow proper land-use procedures, such as avoiding building near steep slopes, close to mountain edges, near drainage ways or along natural erosion valleys.
  • Become familiar with the land around you.

Hazard Brief

Real-Time Impact and Needs Assessment

Through DisasterAWARE Pro and Disaster Alert you get access to PDC’s unique exposure modeling capabilities—providing accurate assessments of exposure and need for hazards in any part of the world.

How to access Hazard Brief (available for all hazards)

Helpful Features and Layers

DisasterAWARE provides layers of information to help assess the impacts of landslides. These include but are not limited to:
• Rainfall accumulation (3 hour, 1 day)
• Landslide risk*
• Global weather observations (METAR)*
• Rainfall accumulation (3 day and 7 day)
* = For disaster management practitioners only

Are you a disaster management practitioner and want to know more?

Specialized Landslide Products

for Disaster Management Practitioners

DisasterAWARE provides specialized situational analysis reports for use by disaster management practitioners. Some of these are generated automatically with every advisory, while others are custom created by PDC as needed to support hazard response.