Hurricane Joaquin impacts The Bahamas

October 2, 2015

PDC continues to provide direct response support as Hurricane Joaquin impacts portions of south and central Bahamas. According to the latest alert from Government of The Bahamas National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the cyclone is expected to remain in the area through tomorrow. Joaquin is an extremely dangerous category 4 system with threatening wind, rainfall, surf, and storm surge.

For over five years, PDC has been working with NEMA, The Bahamas National Geographic Information Systems (BNGIS) Centre, the U.S. Northern Command, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), and other stakeholders, helping them prepare for a scenario such as this. Today, our partners in the islands are even better equipped to assist one another, and are familiar with the resources PDC can continue to deliver, like the situational awareness map above.

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) will continue supporting NEMA, BNGIS, and others responding to the effects of Joaquin across the country.
As forecast models have come into better agreement, landfall along the United States coast has become less likely. Additionally, the National Weather Service Marine Forecast indicates that Joaquin should begin a weakening trend Saturday afternoon, with lingering adverse conditions continuing to affect areas surrounding the cyclone into next week.

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