Risk Assessment in the Philippines

January 10, 2015

Multi-hazard Urban Risk Assessment for Marikina City, Philippines

Urban development in hazard-prone areas is a risky investment. Multi-hazard risk assessment can help inform planning processes and decisions, resulting in better investments. 

To improve disaster management and encourage sustainable development initiatives for Marikina City in the Philippines, PDC assisted in conducting a multi-hazard urban risk assessment. Working with the Marikina City mayor, city officials, and regional stakeholders, PDC helped identify and map areas most susceptible to flood and earthquake hazards and developed a system for reporting results called the Marikina City Internet Map Viewer. PDC also partnered with Kobe University’s Earthquake Disaster Mitigation Research Center to conduct community-based planning workshops and training sessions, resulting in the Marikina City Safety Program, which outlines strategies for short- and long-term disaster reduction. The success of these efforts was acknowledged at the 2005 World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan.

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