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DisasterAWARE is a risk intelligence platform that serves national governments, civil protection agencies, and nongovernmental organizations around the globe. It offers the most powerful and reliable early warning, multi-hazard monitoring, and decision support tools to aid effective decision making. See below for more about our unmatched capabilities including:
  • Smart alerting and asset tracking
  • Quick impact and needs assessments
  • 6500+ data layers
  • Shared situational awareness tools

Early warning with SmartAlert™

DisasterAWARE offers proprietary SmartAlert technology that allows you to receive early warning notifications based on hazard type and severity, as well as for multiple geographic areas and assets you want to monitor.


Customized alerts


Asset protection and alerting

Protect and tract the safety of your assets through enhanced monitoring and alerts.

Near real-time hazard updates

DisasterAWARE allows you to monitor hazards around the globe and quickly assess potential threats to people, property, or critical assets at any time.


One-click hazard information

PDC modeled impact products, shared partner products, situation reports, damage and needs assessments, and more.

Latest updates and advisories.

Hazard-specific layers, geographic, demographic, national, infrastructure, risk and vulnerabilty, and more.

Event Brief
Quick reporting dashboard with modeled impact estimates, needs estimates, live cams, news updates, risk, and more.

Event Brief: Quick reporting and analysis

Event Brief provides critical, life-saving information to aid rapid response during large-scale hazards that pose potentially devastating impacts. It helps anticipate hazard impacts and answer questions like: What happened? Where did it happen? How bad is it? What actions need to be taken?


Impact and needs estimates

Estimated population exposure

Critical infrastructure and capital exposure

Potential impacts to lifelines

Estimated humanitarian needs

Similar historical events

Risk profile of affected areas

National and subnational risk information to support strategic planning. Note that subnational risk information is available for close to 20 percent of all nations.

Enhanced situational awareness

Authoritative data


DisasterAWARE provides access to thousands of global and national data layers from only the most authoritative sources.

Get a glimpse of the types of data available in the system to aid decision making.

Live video monitoring

Live cameras and video feeds give you a better picture of on-the-ground conditions and help you monitor:

• Contraflow
• Hazard impacts
• Road status


Custom mapping and printing

You don’t have to be a mapping expert to create professional looking products that can be printed and shared virtually with other stakeholders.


Drawing tools and bookmarks

Drawing tools

Not a mapping expert? Not a problem. Our simple to use drawing tools allow you to add your own features such as text, data points, shapes, and images.


Bookmarks allow you to quickly save and share your map view with other users in support of joint situational awareness.

Print maps

Printing your custom map

It’s possible to print any custom map you create in DisasterAWARE.

You can set the resolution, add your organizational logo, apply a title, and more.

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6,500+ Data Layers

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