Bermuda bracing for Hurricane Gonzalo

October 16, 2014

In the Atlantic, Hurricane Gonzalo has become a very dangerous and life-threatening Category 4 major hurricane. Gonzalo is currently out at sea, but is expected to reach Bermuda tomorrow, October 17 (local time).

Residents of Bermuda are being encouraged to complete necessary preparations, and reminded to stay tuned to messages from local authorities for information and guidance on what actions to take.  Strong wind speeds, heavy rainfall, flooding storm surge, and high surf are expected. Additionally, residents should be advised that winds could be stronger atop hilly terrain or in windward areas.

Those with interests in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and along the U.S. East Coast should anticipate large ocean swells that may cause unsafe surf and rip current conditions. Overall storm intensity may fluctuate, which is common with major hurricanes. By late Friday, Gonzalo is expected to begin weakening.

For more information:
• Visit the NHC Hurricane Gonzale site.

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