Tropical Cyclone 05P (Yasa)is located 132 NM north-northwest of Suva, Fiji

Western North Pacific

  Tropical Cyclone 05P (Yasa) Here’s what the computer models are showing
Sustained 130 knot winds…with gusts to 160 knots (equivalent to a Super Typhoon) According to the JTWC, satellite imagery depicts deep convective bands wrapping into a 22 NM eye. Environmental analysis reveals an overall favorable environment, characterized by warm sea surface temperatures, low 5-10 knot wind shear, good equatorward outflow, and enhanced poleward outflow aloft…the system is tracking generally southeastward. As TC 05P has tracked further eastward, the JTWC forecast track has also moved eastward, and is now expected to track over Vanua Levu, Fiji shortly after 12 hours. Throughout this transit, the system should gradually weaken due to moderate wind shear and land interaction…decreasing intensity to 115 knots by 24 hours. Cool sea surface temperatures and high >25 knot wind shear will continue to weaken the system in the extended forecast, leading TC 05p to weaken to 40 knots by 120 hours.

North Indian Ocean

South Indian Ocean

Arabian Sea

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