Western Pacific Ocean – Tropical Cyclone 02W (Malakas)
Thursday, April 14, 2022

Current Snapshot

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By PDC’s Senior Weather
Specialist Glenn James

Tropical Cyclone 02W (Malakas) is located approximately 98 NM north-northwest of Iwo To, Japan

According to the JTWC Warning number 33, sustained winds were 65 knots with gusts to near 80 knots.

Satellite imagery depicts an expansive, intense, symmetrical system with a cold dense overcast that has completely obscured an eye feature.

Typhoon Malakas will accelerate north-northeastward on the poleward side of the subtropical ridge.

The environment is expected to further deteriorate as vertical wind shear increases to 30+ knots, sea surface temperatures cool, and dry air intrusion reaches the low level circulation.

Additionally, the system will commence extra-tropical transition by 24 hours.

This will result in rapid weakening and by 36 hours, TY 02W will be reduced to 45 knots and transform into a strong gale-force cold-core low with an expanding wind field.