Tropical Cyclone 05S (Darian)
Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Current Snapshot

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By PDC’s Senior Weather
Specialist Glenn James

Current Tropical Cyclones:

Tropical Cyclone 05S (Darian)…is located approximately 840 NM south-southeast of Diego Garcia


Northwest and Southwest Pacific Ocean, North and South Indian Oceans, and Arabian Sea:

South Indian Ocean

Tropical Cyclone 05S (Darian)

According to JTWC Warning number 22, sustained winds were 60 knots, with gusts to 75 knots.

Animated enhanced infrared satellite imagery shows the system continued to weaken as evidenced by warming cloud tops and unraveling feeder bands.

Analysis indicates the environment has become unfavorable as increasing vertical wind shear and cooling sea surface temperature have offset the strong poleward outflow.

TC Darian will continue on its current southwestward track under the steering subtropical ridge. After 72 hours, it will begin to round the ridge axis and turn more southward.

Concurrently by 48 hours, the system will begin extra-tropical transition and by 96 hours, will transform into a gale-force cold core low.