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Planning and response support for all disasters

PDC provides free access to an advanced suite of tools to support disaster management and humanitarian assistance practitioners in planning for and responding to disasters worldwide.


DisasterAWARE provides global situational awareness for disaster risk reduction and critical risk insights to aid disaster response and humanitarian assistance.

All-hazards Impact Model (AIM)

Accurately estimates population, capital, and key infrastructure exposure for multiple hazards, as well as specific humanitarian needs down to a scale of 30 x 30 meters, anywhere in the world.


All-hazards early warning based on locations of interest, severity, and more. View more features…

Daily Tropical Cyclone Update


Glenn James has been working with PDC for two decades as lead meteorologist, bringing together the most accurate, up-to-date tropical cyclone developments from around the world into a single, one-stop page for tropical cyclone updates.

When disasters strike …

When large scale, catastrophic disasters unfold, requiring support from the international response community, PDC’s experts activate to provide added levels of support. We leverage our advanced technology, data, and anticipatory impact modeling to facilitate planning, response, recovery, and mitigation of future disaster impacts.

Recently mapped products and data to support response

PDC works with civil protection agencies and nongovernmental organizations during major response events to visualize and integrate mapped data into DisasterAWARE. This provides a common operating picture and increased situational awareness across response teams to ensure all decisions are being informed by the same information. Learn more about PDC data.

Additional resources for long-term planning and preparedness

National Baseline Assessment

PDC’s National Baseline Assessment is more than just an assessment. It provides nations with a sustainable system for understanding, updating, and applying critical risk information throughout all levels of decision making.

Training and Exercises

Using our extensive hazard data and unique DisasterAWARE platform, we work with civil protection authorities, military, and government agencies worldwide to simulate realistic hazard scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of potential hazard impacts on communities.

Big Data and Analytics


Anticipate hazard impacts and enhance rapid decision making with PDC’s mapped data and analytics.

Subject Matter Expertise

PDC proudly offers subject matter expertise in a wide variety of areas related to disaster management and disaster risk reduction.

Disaster Management Experts

Risk and Vulnerability Experts

Global Bio-health Experts

Advanced Modeling Experts

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