Volcano Information

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Your source for volcano information

Our DisasterAWARE platform, including Disaster Alert™, provides information about volcano activity happening around the world. Information is derived from a variety of scientific monitoring agencies.

Reporting Threshold

Aviation Ash Cloud Code Yellow and Explosivity Risk Index = 0; or no ash cloud but Explosivity Risk Index < 3

Real-Time Processing

√ Global

Early Warning
for volcanoes

DisasterAWARE now includes PDC’s proprietary SmartAlert technology. You select the areas and hazards to monitor and we’ll alert you to threats within or approaching those areas automatically.

Offering the following alert severity levels:

Severity levels are designated by the authoritative reporting agency.


Aviation Color Code (ACC) Yellow and Risk Index = 0; ACC Green; or Nil/Null where no ash cloud is observed or forecasted and Risk Index < 3


ACC Orange and Risk Index < 2; ACC Yellow and Risk index = 1; or Nil/Null with an observed, but not forecasted, ash cloud and Risk Index < 3

ACC Red; ACC Orange/Yellow and Risk Index = 2; or Nil/Null with observed and forecasted ash cloud; or Risk Index = 3

Available Formats

Professional versions: SMS Text | Email | App Alerts
Public version: App Alerts Only

Be Aware and Prepare

Always heed instructions from local authorities and receive alerts about major hazards from PDC’s DisasterAlert app or on the DisasterAlert website.


Find more information at www.ready.gov/volcanoes

Act now

  • Listen for emergency information and alerts.
  • Follow evacuation or shelter orders. If advised to evacuate, then do so early.
  • Avoid areas downstream of the eruption.
  • Protect yourself from falling ash.
  • Do not drive in heavy ash fall.

Plan ahead

Live in or plan to visit an area with high volcanic activity?
  • Know your area’s risk from volcanic eruption.
  • Ask local emergency management for evacuation and shelter plans, and for potential means of protection from ash.
  • Get necessary supplies in advance in case you have to evacuate immediately, or if services are cut off. Keep in mind each person’s specific needs, including medication. Do not forget the needs of pets.
  • Consult your doctor if you have existing respiratory difficulties.
  • Practice a communication and evacuation plan with everyone in your family.
  • Have a shelter-in-place plan if your biggest risk is from ash.
  • Keep important documents in a safe place. Create password-protected digital copies.

Hazard Brief

Real-Time Impact and Needs Assessment

Through DisasterAWARE  and DisasterAlert you get access to PDC’s unique exposure modeling capabilities—providing accurate assessments of exposure and need for hazards in any part of the world.

How to access Hazard Brief (available for all hazards)

Helpful Features and Layers

Apps powered by DisasterAWARE provide layers of information to help assess the impacts of volcanoes. These include but are not limited to: • Volcanic activity • Volcano location • U.S. watches, warnings and advisories* • Ash cloud (initial, 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours)* * = For disaster management practitioners only

Are you a disaster management practitioner and want to know more?

Specialized Volcano Products

for Disaster Management Practitioners

DisasterAWARE provides specialized situational analysis reports for use by disaster management practitioners. Some of these are generated automatically with every advisory, while others are custom created by PDC as needed to support hazard response.

Estimated Significant Ash Exposure

Community Population and Household Counts

Exposure based on potential eruption hazard zones

Structures impacted by Kilauea lave flow

Building Damagge by Count