Avalanche Information

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Your source for avalanche information

Our DisasterAWARE platform, including Disaster Alert™, provides information about avalanches happening around the world. Information is derived from a variety of scientific monitoring agencies.

Reporting Threshold

An avalanche may occur and has the potential for adverse impacts to the population or infrastructure

Manual Processing

√ Global

Early Warning
for Avalanches

DisasterAWARE now includes PDC’s proprietary SmartAlert technology. You select the areas and hazards to monitor and we’ll alert you to threats within or approaching those areas automatically.

Offering the following alert severity levels:

Severity levels are determined by PDC’s risk intelligence platform based on data and observations from authoritative agencies.


An avalanche has recently occurred (within the past 24 hours) with severe impact to the population or infrastructure.


An avalanche may occur and has the potential for adverse impacts to the population or infrastructure.


An authority has issued an avalanche warning.

Available Formats

Professional versions: SMS Text | Email | App Alerts
Public version: App Alerts Only

Be Aware and Prepare

Always heed instructions from local authorities and receive alerts about major hazards from PDC’s DisasterAlert app or on the DisasterAlert website.


Find more avalanche information at www.ready.gov/avalanche

Act now

Be aware and know the conditions! If possible, avoid locations where there is a danger of avalanche.
  • Check for and listen to alerts.
  • If others are buried, call 911 and then begin to search if it is safe to do so.
  • If you have the proper training, treat others for suffocation, hypothermia, traumatic injury, or shock.

Plan ahead

Live in or plan to visit an area that experiences avalanches?
  • Avoid locations where there is danger of an avalanche.
  • Get training on how to recognize hazardous conditions and avalanche-prone locations.
  • Sign up for alerts on current avalanche dangers.
  • Always have a buddy, preferably one familiar with the area.
  • Learn how to properly use safety equipment.
  • Get proper equipment to protect yourself from head injuries and create air pockets.
  • Use devices to support rescue.

Hazard Brief

Real-Time Impact and Needs Assessment

Through DisasterAWARE  and DisasterAlert you get access to PDC’s unique exposure modeling capabilities—providing accurate assessments of exposure and need for hazards in any part of the world.

How to access Hazard Brief (available for all hazards)

Helpful Features and Layers

DisasterAWARE provides layers of information to help assess the impacts of avalanches. These include but are not limited to: • Locations and magnitude (earthquakes)* • Global weather observations (METAR)* • U.S. watches, warnings and advisories* • Global snow cover (8 day)* * = Available for professional version only

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