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Heavy Rains and Floods for Kenya’s Coast

With today’s post, Hazard Highlights takes its final bow and retires. This venue has allowed us to deliver messages important to our partners, a wide range of hazard professionals, and to the public for five-and-a-half years. Very recently, PDC launched a web-based, mobile-accessible, touch-friendly version of Disaster Alert, a worldwide real-time atlas of hazards and disasters. With that remarkable technology, which you can have live in your hands 24/7 anywhere in the world, you can stay well informed without Hazard Highlights. No download, no login, no charge, just go to and launch Disaster Alert.


PDC Disaster Alert, centered on the Kenya, displaying 1-Day Rainfall Accumulation and PDC Active Hazards

Heavy rains batter the southern coast of Kenya, causing floods and fatalities. In Mombasa, 235 mm of rainfall was recorded in a 24 hour period ending on May 9 (FloodList). As of May 10, the floods resulted in 14 fatalities, including 9 in Mombasa, Kenya’s second most populated city. Additionally, the floods resulted in displacements, loss of livestock, and destroyed roads and bridges (ReliefWeb).

On May 10, at least 1,500 families were displaced in Kwale, just south of Mombasa (ReliefWeb).

On May 9, more than 5,000 displaced people were reported in Taveta, an inland town on the Kenya-Tanzania border (ReliefWeb). In Mwandoni, 87 children were rescued when their orphanage was marooned (ReliefWeb). Displaced people were also reported in the city of Mombasa (ReliefWeb).

These floods come as a severe drought affects millions throughout the Horn of Africa with acute food insecurity. As of May 9, 2.6 million were facing acute food insecurity in Kenya alone (PDC, ReliefWeb, USAID).

This Week in Hazards

  • Drought continues in Somalia resulting in acute malnutrition, increased risk of disease, and internal displacement. UNICEF estimates that 1.4 million children are or will be acutely malnourished. From Jan. 1 to April 30, 2017, there were 7,031 reported cases of measles and 36,066 cases of AWD/cholera. The fatality rate of AWD/Cholera is 1.9% (697 deaths to 36,066 reported cases). Since November 2016, an estimated 680,000 people have been displaced due to the drought. Of which, 7,000 people have crossed into Ethiopia and Kenya (UNOCHA via ReliefWeb).
  • Vanuatu and New Caledonia impacted by Tropical Cyclone Donna. In Vanuatu, a majority of the estimated 2,700 evacuees have returned to their homes. Damage to crops, water supplies, telecommunications and schools were reported in the hardest hit Torba province (Govt. of Vanuatu NDMO). In New Caledonia, initial assessments reported that nearly 200 people evacuated and at least 35 homes were destroyed (DSCGR).

Current Hazard Warnings

Drought: Sri Lanka, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Angola, United States (Southern Region)

Earthquake: Alaska, South Sandwich Islands, Vanuatu

Flood: Peru, Guatemala, Kenya (Southern Region), United States (Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Central Region, Southern Region)

Tornado: United States (Texas)

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