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Persistent Heavy Rainfall Brings Floods in Midwest and Southern United States


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Flooding in the U.S. Midwest and South result in multiple fatalities and the evacuation of hundreds. At least 12 fatalities have been reported due to the flooding; five in Missouri and seven in Arkansas (Reuters, CNN).

Residents evacuated in Pocahontas, Arkansas, when floodwaters began spilling over a levee of the nearby Black River on Tuesday, May 2, and by Wednesday the levee failed. The Black River was forecast to reach record levels by Thursday, May 4 (CNN, AccuWeather).

The Meramec River, in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, reached a record level of 46.11 feet. In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, which is on the Mississippi river bordering Illinois, it is forecast to reach 48.5 feet on May 6, the record high is 48.9 feet (CNN, CNN, USA Today).

As of May 5, 5:00 pm EDT, the NWS stated flash flood and flood warnings, watches, and advisories remain in effect from the lower Mississippi Valley through portions of the Ohio Valley and southeast Michigan, as well as for portions of the central Appalachians and coastal Northeast (NWS).

This Week in Hazards

  • Since April, the Dominican Republic has been affected by heavy rains, floods, and landslides. As of May 5, there are currently 1,535 homes affected and 7,675 displaced families. The provinces of Duarte and San Cristóbal were in Red Alert for floods and landslides until May 3 (COE).
  • As of May 5, 2100 UTC, Tropical Cyclone Donna is located approximately 342 nm northwest of Port Villa, Vanuatu. Donna has sustained winds of 90 KT (103.57 mph) and gusts of 110 KT (126.59 mph) (JTWC Warning #9). According to the Vanuatu’s National Disaster Management Office, the northern province of Torba experienced destructive winds and flash flooding. Damage to schools, churches, and homes has been reported in the Banks Group of islands. Communications between provincial and national agencies are, as of May 5, limited (Vanuatu NDMO via ReliefWeb).

Current Hazard Warnings

Drought: Sri Lanka, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Angola, United States (Southern Region)

Earthquake: Philippines

Flood: Peru, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya (Southern Region), Indonesia (Java), United States (Idaho, Central Region), Canada (Southeastern Region)

Tropical Cyclone: Donna (Vanuatu, New Caledonia)

Wildfire: United States (Arizona)

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