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Heavy Rains, Flooding, Landslides continue in Peru, since Dec. 2016


PDC Disaster Alert, centered on Peru, displaying PDC Active Hazards and Rainfall Accumulation (1 Day)

Heavy rains, since December 2016, continue to cause floods and landslides in Peru. As of April 9, it is estimated > 1.1 million people have been affected. Those affected include 106 fatalities, 366 injured, and 18 missing. Additionally, an estimated 215,691 houses have been affected (European Union ECHO). Total homes affected are worst in the northern-coastal provinces of Piura, Tumbe, Lambayeque, La Libertad, and Ancash. In Piura alone 66,732 homes were affected or left uninhabitable (Shelter Cluster Peru via ReliefWeb)

The continuous, long term nature of this event is straining food availability, leaving many food insecure. As of April 11, an estimated 120,00 families are suffering from food insecurity. This includes families who are affected by moderate to severe food insecurity – which are 71.4 % of families in Trujillo, 68 % of families in Piura, 67 % of families in Sullana, 56 % of families in Talara, 49 % of families in Lambayeque, 42.8 % Chiclayo, 33 % of families in Morropon, and 33 % of families in Paita (UNOCHA via ReliefWeb). In the most affected areas, UNICEF has estimated that 15,000 children under 2 do not have access to sufficient food, clean water, and sanitary living conditions (Chicago Tribune)

COEN reported that April 13 through 15, moderate to strong rains will affect the Maynas, Alto Amazonas, Loreto, Marshal Ramon Castilla, Requena, Ucayali, Datem Del Maranon, and Putumayo provinces (COEN via ReliefWeb).

This Week in Hazards

  • Tropical Cyclone Cook made landfall on the island of Grand Terre, New Caledonia, on April 9 as a category 2 hurricane (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Reports of high winds, heavy rainfall, and flash flooding was reported by Vanuatu’s NDMO. Minor or isolated damage to schools, housing, and roads were reported. Airports throughout Vanuatu were temporarily closed, but have reopened (NDMO via ReliefWeb).

Current Hazard Warnings

Drought: Sri Lanka, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Angola, United States (Southern Region)

Flood: Peru, Uruguay, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, United States (Idaho, North Dakota, Missouri, Illinois, New York), Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zambia

Winter Storm: Canada (Nunavut)

Wildfire: Honduras, Guatemala

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