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Tropical Cyclone Enawo Impacts Madagascar with Floods, High Winds, and Landslides

PDC Disaster Alert, centered on Madagascar, displaying PDC Active Hazards, and Rainfall Accumulation (3 hours).

PDC Disaster Alert, centered on Madagascar, displaying PDC Active Hazards, and Rainfall Accumulation (3 hours).

Tropical Cyclone Enawo made landfall in northern Madagascar on March 7 as a Category 4 Hurricane (Reuters, Flood List). Upon landfall, 12 inches of rain within 12 hours and 185 mph winds were reported (BBC). Post Tropical Cyclone Enawo continues south along eastern Madagascar. (Reuters, UNOCHA, BNGRC and UN via ReliefWeb).

With assessments still underway, as of March 9, an estimated 760,000 people are affected including five fatalities and 10,000 displaced people. (UNOCHA, Reuters, BBC, BNGRC and UN via ReliefWeb). Houses, schools, hospitals and other critical infrastructure were destroyed due to high winds, floods, and landslides. Because of the current track of the storm, as well as damage to transportation infrastructure including the closure of some facilities, relief efforts are currently unable to reach some affected areas. Additionally, threat levels issued by Madagascar’s national meteorological authority remain on the highest, red alert, level for southern regions (BNGRC and UN via ReliefWeb).

In southern Madagascar severe drought has already left more than 850,000 people severely food insecure. UN OCHA reported that water consumption has already “declined to one liter per person per day in drought-affected districts.” Waterborne diseases are also possible after stagnation of flood waters from Enawo (UNOCHA).

This Week in Hazards

  • An estimated 6.2 million people across Somalia are facing severe food insecurity. Somalia’s prime minister reported on March 4, at least 110 starvation-caused fatalities occurred in one region due to severe droughts, over 48 hours (ICRC, Reuters, Relief Web, NPR, ABC News, CNN, Washington Post, BBC). UNOCHA stated that the “humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly and famine continues to be possible in 2017” (UNOCHA).
  • Floods and landslides in Auckland, New Zealand prompted road and park closures. On March 8, evacuations of an estimated 400 campers occurred. Additional heavy rains are expected through March 12 (Auckland Civil Defence).

Current Hazard Warnings

Floods: Australia (Western Australia), New Zealand (Auckland), Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana (Eastern Region), South Africa (Northeastern Region), Namibia (Eastern Region), Afghanistan, Pakistan (Northwestern Region)

Winter Storm: United States (Montana/Wyoming), Canada (Nunavut)

Avalanche: United States (Western Region), Switzerland

Extreme Temperature: Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nunavut, Quebec)

High Wind: Germany, United States (Hawaii)

High Surf: United States (Hawaii)

Drought: Sri Lanka, Somalia, Kenya, Madagascar, United States (Southern Region)

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