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Multiple Wildfires Affect Thousands in Chile


PDC Disaster Alert, centered on Chile, displaying PDC Active Hazards, Rainfall Accumulation (7 Days), and Potential Fire Observations (Hotspots).

As of January 31, 7 of 15 regions of Chile and 3,782 people were affected by wildfires. 1,025 houses, high numbers of livestock and farmland losses were reported. The Chilean Government has declared a state of emergency, for some zones, since January 20, 2017 (UN).

As of February 2, there have been 148 reported wildfires, of which 64 are under control, 75 are being fought, and 9 have been extinguished.  There are a reported 587 people in shelters, 6,162 people left homeless, 1,551 homes destroyed, and 11 fatalities (ONEMI, ERCC).

International response is being coordinated (UN, ONEMI, ERCC).

RVA Country Profile: Chile


This Week in Hazards

  • Flooding continues to impact parts of Southeast Asia. Forcing evacuations in the Philippines and exposing hundreds in Indonesia (NDRRMC, BNPB). Above-normal rainfall is expected to occur through-out January, February, and March in parts of Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

Current Hazard Warnings

Floods: Philippines (Southern Regions), United States (Florida), Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador (Western Region), Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana (Northern Region), Namibia (Eastern Region), England

Winter Storm: United States (California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

Extreme Temperature: Canada (Quebec)

Wildfire: Chile

Drought: Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, United States (California, Northeastern, Southern regions)

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