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Hurricane Nicole Impacts Bermuda


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Bermuda, displaying PDC Active Hazards, Tropical Cyclone Segments and Positions, and Estimated Wind Impacts (TAOS Model).

After forming in the Atlantic Ocean on October 4, the center of an “extremely dangerous” Hurricane Nicole passed near Bermuda on October 13, bringing sustained hurricane-force winds to the island Thursday morning (local time) (NHC Advisory #37a, NHC Update).  As of 1700 AST (2100 UTC), Nicole is weakening as it moves away from Bermuda, though tropical storm conditions and heavy rainfall are expected to continue through the evening (NHC Advisory #39, Bermuda Weather Service). Dangerous swells and surf conditions associated with Nicole will continue to affect Bermuda over the next few days.

Hurricane Nicole left more than 27,000 households without power in Bermuda as it impacted the island, and damage assessments are underway to determine where (and when) power restoration can begin safely (EMO Bermuda).

This Week in Hazards

  • Tropical Storm Sarika is expected to impact the Philippines as a typhoon this weekend, making landfall in eastern Luzon late Saturday or early Sunday (PDC Weather Wall, NASA). As of October 13 (2100 UTC), Sarika (known locally as Karen), is located approximately 426 nautical miles east of Manila, Philippines (JTWC Warning #6).
  • PDC continues to support Hurricane Matthew response, providing decision support and situational awareness products for emergency managers and humanitarian assistance practitioners. For more information on Hurricane Matthew, visit PDC’s 2016 Tropical Cyclone Matthew event page.

Current Hazard Warnings

Tropical Cyclone: Nicole (Atlantic Ocean)

Flood: Romania, United States (North Carolina, South Carolina), Indonesia (West Java), Thailand, Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland)

Drought: Sri Lanka, United States (Western, Southern, Northeastern)

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