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Intense Rainfall Triggers Flooding in Indonesia


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Indonesia, displaying PDC Active Hazards and accumulated rainfall over the past three days.

Last week, heavy rainfall triggered widespread flooding across parts of Indonesia, submerging thousands of houses in the Central Java, West Sulawesi, and West Java provinces (ReliefWeb/ASEAN). Across the island of Java, intense rainfall from September 16-17 caused flooding and landslides in 12 regions, and riverine flooding prompted evacuations of nearby villages, including those near the Cikidan, Cibera, and Citalahap rivers (BNPB).

As of September 21, flash floods and landslides continue to affect the towns of Garut and Sumedang in West Java (BNPB). According to reports, 18 people remain missing in Garut, and search and rescue operations are ongoing (Jakarta Post). Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) is advising local residents to stay alert for potential flood and landslide hazards as rainfall is expected to increase through January (BNPB).

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This Week in Hazards

  • Heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Rai triggered flooding in parts of Vietnam and Thailand. According to reports (as of September 18), more than 44,000 hectares of agricultural fields have been damaged in Viet Nam; while in Thailand, an estimated 1,000 families in the Phetchabun province have been affected by flooding (ReliefWeb/ASEAN).
  • Bolivia continues to experience the effects of “one of the worst droughts in the last 30 years” (Redhum). As of September 18, an estimated 360,000 livestock and more than 290,000 hectares of crops have been affected by ongoing drought conditions. Lack of drinking water is also affecting the cities of Tarija, Beni, Sucre, Cochabamba, Potosí, and Santa Cruz, especially in outlying areas.

Current Hazard Warnings

Flood: Indonesia (Java), Australia (Victoria, New South Wales), United States (Iowa), Nigeria, Niger

Wildfire: United States (California)

Drought: United States (Western, Southern, Northeastern), Bolivia

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