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Flooding Disaster Continues in India


Global Hazards Atlas, centered on India in the early hours of July 21 (local time), displaying PDC Active Hazards and rainfall accumulation over the past seven days.

Various levels of flooding are part of the cycle of the Monsoon Season in India. Throughout the wet season, the Disaster Management Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs issues “Daily Monsoon/Flood Situation Reports (DMD).” Even though, in fact, these reports are not required/updated on a daily basis, the flooding this year (as is often the case) has become a major concern., a global monitoring service funded by the Copernicus program of the European Commission, has reported on flooding in India five times so far in the month of July (List). July 1: At Least 30 Dead in Uttarakhand Floods; July 5: India Floods–80,000 Affected in Assam, Search for Missing Continues in Uttarakhand; July 12: Over 120,000 Affected by Floods in Assam; July 12: Over 20 Killed in Madhya Pradesh Floods; and July 20: Over 120 Dead After Monsoon Rains Cause Floods and Landslides in 8 States.

The most recent national Disaster Management Division release cites the Central Water Commission (CWC) as reporting on July 18 that “there is no Unprecedented, High flood site in the country. However, 10 Moderate flood sites have been reported in Assam, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh.” CWC then lists 10 river areas where the flow is at a depth greater than what is called the “danger level.” Flooding is summarized as affecting 548,067 persons, with 124 dead, and 36,543 homes partially or fully destroyed.

The same DMD report also details nearly 40 operational deployments of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and several requisitions for Army and Air Force assistance in flood response and rescue. Sadly, it also forecasts rainfall through July 25 as very likely in “most places over  northeastern states, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and along west coast;” at “many places over northwest, central and east India;” and across “a few places over remaining parts of the country outside West Rajasthan and Saurashtra & Kutch, where [rainfall is] likely to be isolated.”

Note: The country profile below is the same depiction of India that was used last week when, in fact, the flooding situation in the subcontinent was not as bad as it is today.

RVA Country Profile: INDIA


This Week in Hazards

  • The week began with a report from the Sudan Red Crescent Society (SRCS/ReliefWeb) that heavy rain in Khartoum State had “destroyed 105 houses and damaged a further 124 houses… affecting an estimated 1,145 people, and two people were reportedly killed.” The report also indicated that one of the main hospitals in the state was already flooded as well. At the same time, in North Darfur (state), “500 houses were reportedly destroyed… [and] 7,000 people” affected, including thousands in a camp for internally displaced persons. What’s more, the outlook is not optimistic: “Although flooding occurs annually in Sudan, according to the Ministry of Water Resources, the level of the River Nile and its tributaries are [sic] already close to alarming levels at this early stage of the rainy season (June to October/ September).” For details and additional areas, see the UN OCHA report (online).
  • Flooding is also occurring in Ukraine. So are high winds, lightning strikes, and fallout from these—such as power outages and damaged buildings. The forecasts from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center (UHC) don’t promise much in the way of relief in the next five days. Additionally, news reports in the national press (Ukraine Today) say, “Severe weather conditions left numerous cities without electricity, one person reported dead… Weather storm has covered nearly the whole territory of Ukraine… The meteorologists say there has been a monthly rainfall level during one night [July 20].”

Current Hazard Warnings

Extreme Heat: Canada (Ontario, Manitoba)

Flood: Sudan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Western Africa, Myanmar, India

Drought: Central and Eastern Africa, southern Bolivia, United States (west and south), Southeast Asia

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