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Special Weather Summary for Nepal Earthquake

Weather Circumstances in relation to the Recent Devastating Nepalese Earthquake…are Slowing Down Rescue Efforts at Times

Nepal - Rainfall Accumulation 3-Day

Nepal – Rainfall Accumulation 3-Day

Most of the rainiest weather during the past three days, since the major earthquake event on Saturday, has occurred outside of the Kathmandu area. The PDC TRMM 3 day rainfall accumulation map, shown above, points out the heaviest precipitation having fallen just to the south of Kathmandu, and well to the southeast of there.

Nonetheless, there have been off and on passing showers, and even more troublesome, thunderstorms occurring at times over the past three days. Thunderstorms are notorious for bringing locally heavy rainfall amounts at times. These storms often occur during the afternoon into the early evening hours, with clouds clearing back during the cool of the night.

Fortunately, the winter cold and snowy weather is over in the valleys, as the spring monsoon season begins to shift into place. There will continue to be the chance of light snowfall in the higher elevations, and the good chance of morning fog in the upper valleys…during the early hours of the day.

Temperatures in the most highly populated areas, such as the Kathmandu Valley, will range between 70-80F degrees during the warmest afternoon hours. The nights will be cool, although not overly…dipping into the 50-60F degree range in general. The higher elevations, including Mt. Everest of course, will have snowfall to contend with at times.

The above noted conditions are expected to prevail through mid-week, and likely continue through the end of the week. The heavy monsoon rains are not expected to arrive, which is very good news for the ongoing rescue efforts. However, as this will be a long term rebuilding, those monsoon rains will arrive in earnest…during the upcoming summer season.