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Volcanic Eruption in Chile; Drought Conditions Persist in Ethiopia

Eruption of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Leads to Health Concerns


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Chile, displaying PDC Active Hazards, Active Volcanoes, and Global Dust and Volcanic Ash layers.

Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted twice on April 22 (local time), forcing the evacuation of over 4,000 people within 20 kilometers of the volcano (ECHO, ONEMI, ReliefWeb). The ash cloud produced by the first eruption has led to concerns of respiratory problems, as well as damage to crops and grounded flights. Officials have issued health warnings specifically for the provinces of Llanquihue and Osorno, recommending the use of masks or damp cloths to prevent the inhalation of ash (ReliefWeb).

Prior to this week’s eruptions, activity at Calbuco had last been reported in 1972, and its last major eruption occurred in 1961 (SERNAGEOMIN, SI). This emergency adds to the number of response efforts currently underway in Chile, including response to heavy rainfall and flooding in the Atacama Region.

Little to No Rain for Nearly a Month in Northern Ethiopia


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Ethiopia, displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and rainfall observations for the past five days.

Ground conditions in Ethiopia are rapidly deteriorating as a result of erratic and below-average rainfall since February (CPC). Observations suggest that much of northern Ethiopia has received less than 3 days of rainfall since mid-March. The outlook for the coming week suggests suppressed rainfall for northern Ethiopia, with the possibility of average to above-average rainfall over regions in the east.

Current Hazard Warnings

Flood: United States (Southeast, North Dakota), Australia (New South Wales), Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia (West Java, Sulawesi), Chile

Severe Weather: Malaysia, Canada (Ontario), Thailand, Ecuador, Chile

Volcano: Chile

Drought: Angola, Namibia, United States (Southern, Western), Ethiopia

Biomedical: West Africa

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