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Hazard Highlights

Severe Storm Affects Bangladesh; Flooding in Kenya

Thousands of Homes Destroyed by Storm in Bangladesh


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Bangladesh, displaying PDC Active Hazards and rainfall observations for the past three days.

Heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning affected 14 districts in Bangladesh as a severe storm moved through the country on April 5 (ReliefWeb/OCHA). Reports indicate that 29,000 homes have been destroyed, and another 70,000 damaged. As of April 7, collapsed homes, landslides, and lightning strikes associated with the storm had claimed the lives of at least 40 people. (ECHO, ReliefWeb).

Dam Overflows and Poor Drainage Lead to Flood Conditions in Kenya


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Kenya, displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and rainfall observations for the past three days.

Water from two dams in Bondo, Kenya, overflowed into nearby villages on April 5, following heavy rains (ReliefWeb). Reports indicate that five people were killed after being swept away by the floodwaters.

Flooding is also affecting Muhoroni, Kenya with 1,500 people displaced as of April 7 (ReliefWeb). Officials report that heavy rainfall coupled with poor drainage systems are to blame for much of the flooding, and the county government has allocated funds toward flood mitigation in the region.

Current Hazard Warnings

Tropical Cyclone: Joalane (Indian Ocean)

Drought: United States (Western), Namibia

Biomedical: West Africa

Avalanche: Norway

Severe Weather: Paraguay, Chile, United States (Alaska, Central, Nevada), Canada (Quebec, Nunavut), Thailand, Bangladesh

Wildfire: Chile (Southern)

Flood: Peru, Chile, Haiti, Madagascar, Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland), United States (Midwest), Kenya, Afghanistan, Brazil

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