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Hazard Highlights

Adverse Weather Conditions Impact Response to Chile Wildfires; Low Seasonal Rainfall Impacts Southern Africa

Wildfires in Southern Chile Ravage National Parks


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on Chile, displaying PDC Active Hazards, Global Wind (speed and direction), and Surface Air Temperature layers.

Wildfires have burned through thousands of hectares of the China Muerta and Nalca Lolco national reserves, as well as Conguillio National Park in Chile (NASA). As of March 25, officials report 38 active fires and 69 controlled fires throughout the regions of Maule, Biobío, Araucanía, Los Ríos, Los Lagos, and Valparaíso (ONEMI). Strong winds, unusually hot weather, and drought conditions continue to hinder firefighting efforts (Reuters).

Abnormal Dryness, Drought Conditions Persist in Southern Africa


PDC Global Hazards Atlas, centered on southern Africa, displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and Rainfall Accumulation (7 Day) layers.

Low seasonal rainfall since December has negatively affected ground conditions in Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and South Africa. Increased rainfall is expected in the coming week, but with the rainy season nearing an end, there is little opportunity to make up for moisture deficits (CPC).

Current Hazard Warnings

Drought: Namibia, United States (Western), Brazil (Eastern)

Biomedical: West Africa

Severe Weather: Tanzania, Canada (Eastern)

Wildfire: Chile

Flood: United States (Mississippi Valley), Afghanistan

Volcano: United States (Hawaii)

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