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Floods 03-07-2013

PDC Global Hazards Atlas displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and 3-day rainfall.

Weather events of the past week have included flooding around the world: in the U.S., Indonesia, India, Australia, Europe, and South America. At the same time, many areas were working toward recovery from recent floods, including areas discussed here last week:  Australia (New South Wales and Queensland), North America (southern states), Europe (England, Italy, Macedonia, and Greece), Asia (Pakistan and Thailand), and Africa (Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, and Rwanda). Today, we will look a little more closely at recent flooding Jakarta, Indonesia and what looks like relief for parts of Australia!

Australia Relief 03-07-2013

PDC Global Hazards Atlas centered on eastern Australia, displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and 3-day rainfall.

In recent weeks we have frequently had reason to look at flooding events or continuing flood impacts in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. With 19,000 evacuations and at least 50,000 affected (RSOE EDIS) these states have had plenty of bad news. Some new flooding was reported by local new sources, however, most talk of floods in the region is now about recovery and mitigating the damaging effects of future floods (ABC News). What’s more, the large tropical cyclone (TC 19 P) seen above just east of the affected area of Australia is moving away (NASA) to the east, unlikely to return to make landfall.

Jakarta, Indonesia: The flooding in Jakarta this week was powerful and destructive, destroying nearly 6,000 homes (BNPB). That report in Indonesian was detailed in English by the Australian Broadcasting Co. Online (ABC). The Jakarta Globe also provided English-language coverage of the BNPB forecast suggesting that “Jakarta could experience another big flood this week, as many areas in the city have already been swamped after the water level at Bogor’s Katulampa dam reached 250 centimeters on Monday” and more overflow is yet to come (Globe).

Recent Flooding Events

Additional flooding-related events that have occurred recently:

  • Papua, Indonesia (Jakarta Post)
    • Jayapura Regency
    • Flood-caused landslide
    • At least one dead
  • Udhampur, India (RSOE EDIS)
    • Flash Flooding
    • 30 or more homes washed away
    • 40,000 villagers trapped by washed-out roads
  • Guayas, Ecuador (Xinhua)
    • Intense rains from Sunday
    • Flash Flooding started Monday
    • Seven or more dead

Looking Ahead

PDC is currently monitoring flooding events/threats in: Australia, United States, South America, India, and at least two areas of Indonesia.

PDC will continue to monitor areas of high precipitation and keep a close eye on flooding across the globe. Want to find the most up-to-date information on flooding and other hazards occurring in your neighborhood or around the world? Then be sure to download PDC’s free Disaster Alert mobile app available for your iOS or Android devices today! Also be sure to continue to monitor PDC on Twitter, Facebook, and by way of the Global Hazards Atlas.