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PDC Global Flood Survey

PDC Weekly Global Flood Survey: March 29, 2012

PDC Global Hazards Atlas displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and accumulated rainfall for the past 7 days.

Floods may occur for many reasons, including heavy rainfall, saturated soil, dam breaks, and the melting of large quantities of snow and ice. Many times it’s a combination of these factors that trigger a flood event.  In some cases, flooding may occur slowly, allowing plenty of time for warning and preparation. However, flash floods can occur with little or no warning, allowing limited time to prepare or respond.

Over the last week PDC has been monitoring flood events worldwide.  This week in Canada, large pieces of ice created natural dams which caused rivers to swell and overflow. In Australia weeks of continuous rain have saturated the ground in many regions causing the buildup of flood waters.

Regardless of the cause of flooding, it is very important for you and your family to always be prepared! For information on how to prepare your family to effectively respond to a disaster, check out PDC’s Disaster Checklist! For information on teaching your children how to prepare for disasters, look at PDC’s article ‘Parents Can Teach Kids about Hazards and Disaster Preparedness’!

Below we will take a look at flooding events currently occurring in Canada and The Philippines.

Precipitation & Flooding: Canada

PDC Global Hazards Atlas centered over Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards.


Recent Photo of dramatic ice jam forming on the Meduxnekeag River. Photo taken by Canadian Red Cross , Woodstock, New Brunswick.

In Canada, ice-blocked rivers have resulted in flooding in Ontario and New Brunswick. According to RSOE EDIS, 300 residents were evacuated in The First Nations of Kashechewan and Fort Albany in Ontario.  In New Brunswick, floodwaters have begun to recede in Perth-Andover, and authorities are now focusing on the recovery of those impacted.

The forecast for Ontario and New Brunswick, Canada shows precipitation and cloudy conditions over the next several days.

Precipitation & Flooding: The Philippines


PDC Global Hazards Atlas centered on The Philippines displaying PDC Integrated Active Hazards and 3 day rainfall accumulation.

In the Philippines, authorities have issued multiple flood warnings due to a severe weather system in the region. In Oriental Mindoro, at least 4 municipalities have been flooded and 370 persons affected. In Negros Occidental, 785 persons were evacuated.

Flood warnings and forecasts can be found online on the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council’s (NDRRMC) website.

Looking Ahead

PDC is currently monitoring flooding events in: Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Namibia, Peru, Philippines, United States, and Venezuela.

Over the next week, PDC will continue to monitor areas of high precipitation and keep a close eye on flooding across the globe.  For the most up-to-date information on these flood events and all-hazards, download the free PDC Disaster Alert mobile app for iOS and Android devices.