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PDC Global Flood Survey

PDC Weekly Global Flood Survey: March 15, 2012

PDC Global Hazards Atlas displaying Integrated Active Hazards and 3 day precipitation accumulation.

Over the last week, Australia and South America once again have continued to see heavy precipitation resulting in extensive flooding.  Currently, over 60% of all flood events being monitored by PDC are occurring in these two areas of the world. The rains are consistent with the yearly weather patterns, and we don’t expect to see a break in the rains over the next week.

PDC is currently monitoring flood events in: Australia, Angola, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Tanzania, United States

Remember, it is important to always remain prepared to respond to all- hazards.  Review the PDC Disaster Checklist and make sure that your family has everything you need to effectively respond to the next event.

Precipitation & Flooding: Louisiana, United States

PDC Global Hazards Atlas centered over Louisiana, United States displaying Integrated Active Hazards and 7 day precipitation accumulation.

According to RSOE EDIS, Louisiana officials have declared a state of emergency for four parishes, to include Acadia, Lafayette, St. Landry and St. Martin. On Monday, March 12, southern Louisiana received approximately 15 inches of rain over a six hour period, resulting in flood waters as high as 8 feet in some areas. Hundreds of rescues were conducted to rescue people stranded inside their homes, including the rescue of 16 children whose school bus had become stranded in 4 feet of water. In St. Landry parish alone, an estimated 2,000 people were reported to be affected.

The forecast for Louisiana looks clear over the next several days.

Precipitation & Flooding: Chile

PDC Global Hazards Atlas centered over Chile displaying Integrated Active Hazards and 7 day precipitation accumulation.


According to RSOE EDIS, torrential rains occuring early this week have resulted in severe flooding in both northern and southern Chile. In northern Chile, flooding stranded a train carrying 300 people and resulted in the evacuation of 300 people in Arica. In the extreme south of Chile an estimated 800 people have been made homeless as a result of flooding, and several hotels and other infrastructure have been reported as flooded.

The forecast for Chile includes continued precipitation over the next several days.

Looking Ahead

Over the next week, PDC will continue to monitor areas of high precipitation and keep a close eye on flooding across the globe.  For the most up-to-date information on these flood events and all-hazards, download the free PDC Disaster Alert mobile app for iOS and Android devices.