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Two major flood events drench the Hawaiian Islands (March 9, 2012)

PDC Global Hazards Atlas displaying FEMA flood zones and infrastructure on the island of Oahu. Click on the image to explore the PDC Global Hazards Atlas to see other hazard related data.

Two major flood events have drenched the Hawaiian Islands in less than a week.  A slow moving cold front pushed down through the Hawaiian Islands, accompanied by an area of low pressure aloft, both of which teamed up to provide the Hawaiian Islands with heavy rainfall, leading to localized flooding. There was a two day break before a second flooding event broke out later in the week. There was an overabundance of heavy precipitation with both of these near back-to-back rainfall episodes. One extreme example in the near 35″ rainfall reported in just over 2 days at Hanalei, Kauai! In addition to all the rain, there was extremely large hail, waterspouts, along with lightning and thunder associated with many of the severe storm cells.

Each of the islands took their turn in getting soaked, with thunderstorms, and long lasting heavy rainfall causing landslides, mudslides, stream and sewer overflows, closed roads and bridges, power outages, and closed beaches in places, due to brown turbid water (runoff) flooding out into the ocean. Local schools were closed on several of the islands, not to mention the inconvenience to visitors of Hawaii…finding flooding rainfall rather than warm sunshine. Flash flood warnings and watches were active much of this week, along with numerous other weather related advisories issued by the National Weather Service forecast office in Honolulu, Hawaii.

PDC Global Hazards Atlas displaying 7 day precipitation accumulation for the Hawaiian Islands

Future Weather Outlook

The future weather outlook is favorable after nearly five days of gray raining conditions.  Looking ahead, rainfall will taper off during the weekend, with much drier and quieter weather arriving.  The break in the weather will allow state officials and local residents to clean up the debris leftover, after this unusual late winter flood event.

Seven day weather forecast for the Hawaiian islands provided by the NWSFO Honolulu, Hawaii.

Latest satellite image of the central north Pacific, including the Hawaiian Islands is provided by NOAA. – closer view

A looping radar image showing base reflectivity is provided by the NWS.

The following are a few photo’s from the Island of Maui provided by the Maui County Government.
Maui County – March 8-9, 2012
Maui County – March 8-9, 2012
Maui County – March 8-9, 2012
Maui County – March 8-9, 2012

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