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Weather phenomena can rapidly evolve into extreme events with severe impacts. In 2011, PDC launched the Weather Wall, a blog-based web page that provides weather and hazards information to disaster managers and the public. Weather Wall products are generated using data from the most trusted organizations in the world, including NOAA’s National Weather Service/Tropical Prediction Center/National Hurricane Center and the Naval Pacific Meteorology and Oceanography Center/Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Tropical Cyclone Activity
The Weather Wall provides daily coverage of tropical cyclone activity around the globe. Tropical Cyclone Activity Reports are posted daily, year-round, for the Pacific Basin, including the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas. Tropical Cyclone Activity Reports for the Atlantic Basin, including the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, are posted daily during the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1 through November 30).

Global Flood Survey
Each Thursday the Global Flood Survey, a weekly summary of flood events worldwide, is published on Weather Wall. The Global Flood Survey highlights areas of extreme flooding and enables disaster managers and the general public to monitor flood events around the globe.

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