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Disaster Alert


I highly recommend this app to anyone that likes to keep abreast of breaking events or could be personally involved. Living in Wyoming, I used it constantly to keep updated on the major wildfires we experienced.

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Disaster Alert

Join the 1.6 Million in the Global Community Who Stay Disaster Aware

Download for iOS or Android™ or use PDC's web-accessible application with any phone, tablet, or computer.

Disaster Alert is a free-download, global, multi-hazard monitoring and alerting application for iOS and Android™ smart devices, powered by PDC’s DisasterAWARE™ platform that has a no-download web version for all users.

Disaster Alert has been independently reviewed and placed in the "top-pick" lists of national and international agencies and news media, including the top 5 of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and top 3 of for disaster-related free apps, and it has been featured in New York Times (twice), USA TodayWall Street Journal, and International Business Times, and on both Discovery Channel and CNN. 

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