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Exercise Support


Many thanks 'again for PDC’s outstanding support of the Multinational Planning Augmentation Team (MPAT) Program and MPAT Tempest Express exercise. Your contributions were stellar (again). The GIS and disaster information products provided added great richness and depth to the event scenario and really educated many in the group to the significance of a major earthquake in Metro Manila and to the need for improved coordination mechanisms between major actors/stakeholders in any disaster response in the Philippines.'

Mr. Scott A. Weidie, USPACOM J72

Simulating Hazards to Prepare for Disaster Events

During a crisis, you can count on the unexpected. Simulating disaster events before they occur allows you to test procedures and identify gaps in your disaster plans. PDC provides exercise support to civilian and military disaster management agencies, as well as international and regional humanitarian assistance organizations. PDC can help you simulate the challenges you are likely to face during a real event, assist with scenario design, evaluate plans, identify gaps, and recommend actions for more efficient response. We offer tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercise support to help guide your response team through a variety of realistic hazard and event scenarios.

PDC in Action

Hurricane Preparedness in Hawaii: Makani Pahili
Since 1997, PDC has been an active partner in Makani Pahili, Hawaii’s statewide hurricane exercise that helps prepare organizations and personnel for the Central Pacific hurricane season. Each year, PDC teams join with government agencies and military organizations to respond to a simulated hurricane scenario with specific casualty and property damage parameters. PDC analysts run impact models, generate damage assessment products, and provide mapping support for response teams. Participants use PDC’s DisasterAWARE™ decision support system throughout all phases of the exercise.