Pacific Disaster Center Fostering Disaster Resilient Communities  



I would like to extend my grateful appreciation to the Pacific Disaster Center for their contribution and assistance in helping the National Disaster Warning Center operate a more effective and efficient warning system. These collaborations and relationships will certainly continue and step forward into multi-hazard warning capacity to help save more lives in Thailand and the region.

Dr. Smith Dharmasaroja, Thailand National Disaster Warning Center

Our services give disaster managers access to easily understood, visually interpreted information on hazards, in support of planning and decision making for risk reduction, while also helping to build capacity for all phases of disaster management through testing of operational systems and enhancing knowledge and skills.
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

    Subject matter experts are available to evaluate social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors to provide evidence-based support for decision making before, during, and after a disaster. Learn More »

  • Modeling & Visualization

    Our team scientists integrates complex information about infrastructure, populations, and critical facilities with specific hazard information to analyze, visualize and develop a shared understanding of hazard exposure, potential impacts, and estimates of damage and loss. Learn More »

  • Exercise Support

    Our support specialists offer advanced hazard simulations, analytical products, and scenario designs for tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises. Learn More »

  • Capacity Enhancement

    Our subject matter experts offer professional training and capacity building through single- or multi-day workshops, classrooom-based courses, and exercise planning and facilitation. Learn More »