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Emergency Operations (EMOPS)



DisasterAWARE™ Powered Emergency Operations (EMOPS)

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Designed to meet the information needs of emergency managers and government users around the world, this free, subscription-based Emergency Operations (EMOPS) system provides a secure environment for accessing, updating, and sharing information before, during, and after a disaster.

Like web-accessible Disaster Alert, the public version of DisasterAWARE™, the EMOPS system integrates information, modeling, and mapping technologies to provide situational awareness and decision support via web-accessible graphics and information. EMOPS also allows verified emergency managers to contribute official data during emergency events. Uploaded situation reports and damage assessment products can be shared among EMOPS users.

EMOPS is a customized version of DisasterAWARE™ that is tailored to meet the general requirements of disaster managers. PDC continuously works with stakeholders to identify additional requirements and enhance the system.