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Hawaii Disaster Info


If you are looking for hazard resources specific to Hawaii, this is the spot. Use these resources to help assess your exposure to tsunami, to locate important contact information, or to explore the potential impacts of local earthquakes.
  • Tsunami Evacuation Zones

    Find out if you live, work, or go to school in a tsunami evacuation zone. Access tsunami evacuation zone maps for the State of Hawaii. Learn More »

  • Hawaii Weather & Hazard Information

    Find Hawaii Weather & Hazard information notices issued in the last 24 hours as reported by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and the NWS Forecast Office in Honolulu, Joint Typhoon Warning Center, and the National Hurricane Center. Learn More »

  • Emergency Contacts

    Contact information for county, state, and federal agencies supporting disaster preparedness and response in Hawaii. Learn More »

  • Hawaii HAZUS Atlas

    The HHA is a web-accessible catalog of earthquake scenarios based on both credible hypothetical and actual historic events in and near Maui and Hawaii Counties. If an actual earthquake occurs, disaster managers can utilize the loss estimates and analyses from past events as reference points for a current event. Learn More »