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Dangerous Hurricane Gonzalo Reaching Bermuda

October 17, 2014

PDC’s EMOPS system showing estimated wind impacts reaching severe-to-catastrophic levels Bermuda as Hurricane Gonzalo is expected to pass directly over the island. 

With damaging winds and life-threatening storm surge, Hurricane Gonzalo is expected to make a devastating strike on Bermuda in a few hours, this evening October 17 (local time), according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. This comes as Bermuda is still recovering from Tropical Storm Fay, which struck only days ago.

A hurricane warning is in effect for Bermuda, while a tropical storm watch has been issued by the NWS and the Canadian Hurricane Centre for southeastern Newfoundland from Arnolds Cove to Chapels Cove. Already, Gonzalo is generating large ocean swells, with life-threatening surf and rip current conditions that are affecting portions of the Virgin Islands, the northern coasts of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, areas of the Bahamas, areas of the southeast coast of the US, and Bermuda.

PDC has been issuing various products, like this estimated impact report, through the EMOPS system to support awareness of the ongoing situation.

As Gonzalo approaches, Bermuda’s Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) is providing preparedness information, and encourages the public to tune into the Government’s emergency radio station 100.1 FM as well as to monitor the EMO website for official updates.  Today, Bermuda’s Premier and Minister of National Security Honorable Michael Dunkley issued a safety message saying, “Stay inside and stay safe,” urging residents to listen to regular updates from the Bermuda Weather Service or the government’s radio station.

While Gonzalo is expected to weaken tonight, and faster tomorrow, as it moves over cooler Atlantic water, it is forecast to remain a dangerous hurricane as it nears or passes over Bermuda.

If you are an emergency manager and would like access to DisasterAWARE through the Emergency Operations (EMOPS) system, email PDC at

For more information on Hurricane Gonzalo:
• Visit the NHC Hurricane Gonzalo site,
• Visit the Government of Bermuda's EMO, and
• Look at updates from the Bermuda Weather Service.

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