Printable Disaster Checklist

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Printable Disaster Checklist

These items are suggested but are not necessarily all-inclusive of everything your family needs to prepare for a natural disaster or other catastrophic situation.

General Items

Extra batteries
Manual can opener
Sterno, small grill or campstove
Fire extinguisher(s), including at least one ABC type
Pillow, blankets, sleeping bags, or air mattresses
Garbage bags
Mosquito repellent
Portable radio(s)
Candles and lantern
Wooden kitchen matches in plastic container
Duct tape
100 feet of rope or heavy cord
Address book with important phone numbers
Important papers including driver's license, special medical information, insurance policies, birth and
marriage certificates, passports, deeds and property inventory
Toilet tissue and paper towels
Bleach for cleaning and for purifying water (eight drops per gallon) or water purification kit tablets
A minimum three-day supply of non-perishable food
Ice chest
Extra cash
Clothing and eyeglasses
Personal Hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorant)
Disposable diapers and wipes for babies
Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members
Pet food and cat litter for pets
Quiet games, books, playing cards, and favorite toys for children
Mess kits, or paper cups, plates and plastic utensils
Cooking utensils, hot pad
Emergency preparedness manual
Knife and/or saw
Aluminum foil
Plastic storage containers
Signal flare
Paper, pencil
Needles, thread
Medicine dropper
Shut-off wrench to turn off household gas and water
Plastic sheeting
Area map, if needed, showing shelter locations
Heavy-duty garbage bags with ties
Bucket(s) with tight fitting lids

First Aid Kit

Sterile adhesive bandages, gauze pads and rolls
Hydrogen peroxide
Aspirin, antacid tablets, and other over the counter medicines
Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
Antiseptic spray
Ointments for burn and cuts
Latex gloves
Extra prescription medications

Non-perishable Food Items—replace every six months

Bottled water (1-3 gallons per person per day)
Powdered or evaporated milk
Powdered drink mixes and soda
Canned meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and soups
Instant coffee, tea and cocoa
Prepackaged snacks